Robert Hickland
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Opening Statement:

For veteran haircolorist Robert Hickland, art and life are inseparable. After being trained for a career in art, Robert found himself making a living in the hair business. "It wasn't unusual for friends to find me painting and cutting things up, so they would ask me to do their hair. The process was organic. The trade more or less chose me."

Robert Hickland


On Hair:

"About 75% of my clientele come to me for hair coloring. My talent is the ability to match and recreate one's natural haircolor using the finest quality of hair color I can find. Translucency and tones that light interplay with are trademark traits of my work.
I also have a great deal of highlighting work. I can make extremely natural looking blondes by using several or more shades as well as keeping the hair palette balanced by adding in deeper tones if needed. I am also known as a corrective colorist. I have developed a color technique for men leaving trace amounts of gray hair that is virtually telltale free. The bulk of the clientele include many in the creative community of film and music."

Some Career Highlights:

Among the highlights of Hickland's career was cutting actress Kathy Bates' hair from long to short and giving it a red-brown hue just in time for her to receive her Oscar in 1991. Kathy has kept the shorter style ever since then. He also transformed Baywatch star Alexandra Paul from long to short. Seen worldwide on television Alexandra's was one of the most asked for styles of 1994. In 1995 Robert was asked to represent the United States at the World Congress of the Masters/World Masters Awards in New York City for the Art and Fashion Group. Hickland said it was as if he was in a dream with his favorite, if not heros, of hair. Meeting John Sahag was a highlight. Robert did a platform color presentation, along with Bruno Meglio. He said that many times he's walked in and found his favorite singers and musicians sitting in his chair. Though Robert has many more stories like these, he makes it clear that "I simply enjoy the process of doing hair, period."